Our story started in 2015. When a couple met for the first time after talking for 6 months. Eventually getting married and starting a life together. I had realised that my wife was very insecure about her acne problems. Me being a great husband, I came up with a solution. I had mentioned that my mother had been making a cream within the family for over 25 years and it's worked wonders for her skin. After trying all other products and countless visits to her dermatologist, she gave this cream a go. 

Within just days of using this cream her acne completely disappeared. She was in tears and told me that this must be Magic. Thus came the name of our bestselling product; The Magic Cream. Astonished by the results, she gave out samples to a couple of her friends and family whom in turn said the same thing and why this Magic has been hidden from them for such a long time. Not only did their acne go away, their pores, dark circles, uneven skin tone and even eczema had found a cure. 

After the first month of my wife, friends and family using this cream we realised that we should somehow tell the world about this. My wife had reached out and posted about it online which had gone viral as she had shared pictures of the results. I hadn't realised that many others had been suffering and felt very insecure because of these common skin problems. The next day, we were flooded with DM's. Asking where to buy this and they they needed a product like this. I had explained that there isn't any availability as we hadn't thought of selling it. 

Being students at university, we did not have any financial investment to we started taking deposits from our potential customers and had let them know that there would be a 2 week wait until they received their cream. I then called my mother and had asked her to make a large batch of the cream while my wife designed labels and found jars to sell them in. Once we had got everything ready we started taking our first orders. A few days went by after our first dispatch and we had woken up to 1000+ messages online and our phones were blowing up. It turned out that a few of the customers that had bought were large social media bloggers that had shared their wonderful experience with the cream. 

In shock and overwhelmed by everything that was going on, me and my wife realised that we can turn this into a business. And that's exactly what we did. We named our Afroza Shawal and sold the Magic Cream, the one product alone for 5 years. The business grew exponentially causing us to make it a full time job and went all in. One product, that changed the lives our customers. We were happy knowing our customers felt confident and were even going out without make up. Being one of the first skincare brands from social media, other people had gotten the idea and started the do the same. Some even claimed to be us and we started running into problems.

We realised it was time to take everything we had built to the next stage. After research & development of looking into skincare solutions we came to the conclusion of rebranding, introducing new products and completely changing our service. We took the step and I designed our website. I set up a new office, together we came up with the name FORIAH which means to flourish into something better.

The rebrand wasn't just about changing the name, it was about introducing game changing skincare products that actually work! So we came up with 8 new unique products, introduced them to our audience and showed promising results. Different ways to apply the products. We wanted to make it perfect, from our packaging, to the jars, to seeing and using the products for the first time. Our customers absolutely loved the experience of using the products, along with being blown away at how fast the results are. 

As of today, our team has grown. But we are more involved in FORIAH now more than ever. We'd like to thank all our customers for believing in us and helping us make this dream a reality.